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Device Drivers
•  I/O devices - ADC, PWM,    TSYNC,GPIO
•  Graphic Controllers, LCD     Displays
•  Storage devices - Compact     flash, NOR flash, NAND flash,     EEPROM
•  Serial devices (UART, USB,SPI)
•  Bus devices
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Network Management Software
STS is involved in the development of management software for network elements. STS brings on table years of domain knowledge that can be best utilized in the development of such application...more info
Overview :Sicuro Technology Solutions (STS) is specialized and focused exclusively in computer networking domain offering product development, maintenance and testing. The engineering team at STS brings on table many years of networking domain experience. STS is currently in the process of developing various internal tools and protocol stacks to offer services with highest quality and with shortest turnaround time.
What we do : Our focus area is computer networking and we offer end to end development services for devices and applications that fall under layer-2 to layer-7 in the OSI model. Our expertise include developing software and firmware for LAN and WAN devices, developing networking applications for application acceleration, availability, reliability etc. and network management software.
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